We provide Marine consultancy, design, survey, inspection and audit services, utilizing our experienced professionals having adequate experience onboard ships and shore. We have a dedicated team of Marine Engineers, Master Mariners, Naval Architects, Structural, Piping and Electrical Engineers in Marine field to provide support and obtain prompt, reliable and cost-effective solutions. E2P Eco Green solutions provides extensive support to owners for compliance with current and upcoming IMO regulations.

DIGITALISATION OF VESSEL DRAWİNGS AND DOCUMENTS SERVICES provided by us enables the customers to reinstate their Old vessel drawings and documents.

By using the latest art of Technologies, 3D Scanning, Modelling etc., we also assist our customers to generate the vessel’s As Built drawing & documents with the limited data available in their records

With our highly skilled professionals experienced from keel laying till trials and after sales, we offers below Services to supports our Customers;

  • Construction Superintendency
  • Commissioning Support at site
  • Lightship Survey
  • Attending Bollard Pull Test
  • Attending Sea-trials.
  • Conducting Inclining experiment
  • Procurement and after sales support
  • Work Permits (Hot work/Gas free), Container Inspections etc

With the vast pool of experienced naval architects and Engineers overhauling and maintenance of engines and all type of machineries including navigational equipment & instruments.

  • Ship Design & Naval Architecture Calculations
  • Load out, Transportation and Installation Analysis including Design of Grillage and Sea Fastening Arrangements
  • Sea Fastening Calculations, Stowage Plans
  • Stowage plans and Method statements
  • Lifting Analysis, Rigging arrangement during transportation
  • Mooring Analysis
  • EEXI calculation and compliance strategy
  • Installation Aids, Rigging and lift point Designs
  • Retrofit Engineering (BWTS, Scrubber etc.)
  • Structural Stability calculations
  • Drawings Preparations (As-Built & New Design)
  • Software development (Planned Maintenance Systems, Loadicator etc.)
  • Probabilistic Damage Stability Analysis.
  • Longitudinal strength calculations.
  • Preliminary and specific stability assessment.
  • Ballasting & De-ballasting sequence for safe operations.
  • Transportation ballast plan, Towing Stability analysis
  • Barge longitudinal strength check
  • Bollard pull calculation
  • Barge Load out, Stern Wedges Design
  • Jetty Strength and Quay Wall Strength Analysis.


  • Condition assessment inspections on behalf of owners
  • 3rd Party SIRE Inspections
  • Hull and Machinery Survey
  • ISM Compliance Inspections
  • P&I Condition Surveys
  • Hull & Machinery Damage Investigations
  • Investigation Surveys of vessels accidents/incidents
  • Pipe/Steel Surveys
  • Pre purchase Inspection of Vessel
  • Proof and Asset Protection Survey
  • On hire Bunker & Condition Survey
  • P&I Cargo/Insurance/Loss Damage
  • Petrochemical Load/Discharge Surveys
  • Bulk Liquid Load/Discharge Survey
  • Crane/Wire Inspections
  • Draft Survey
  • Hatch Cover Integrity Survey
  • Hold Survey Cleanliness
  • Hold Survey Damage
  • Vessel/Equipment Suitability Survey
  • Ship Vetting
  • Stockpile Survey
  • Bulk Buyers Inspection
  • Bunker Sampling
  • Cargo Lashing & Handling Surveys
  • Appraisal Surveys
  • Marine Load out Survey (Jacket, Heavy structures etc.)
  • Container Loading Surveys

Our Audit service are not just limited; to below;

  • Bunker Audits
  • On-Off Hire Audits
  • ISO/ISM Audit
  • ISPS/OHSAS Internal Audits
  • Pre-Vetting Audits
  • SIRE/CDI/OVID Audits
  • Risk-Assessment Audits
  • Energy & Environmental Audits
  • MLC 2006 Audits
  • TMSA auditing and system review
  • Shipyard Audits
  • OEM data review and endorsement
  • UT Gauging


Prepare Intact stability Booklet for all the possible loading conditions of a vessel satisfying IMO rules for operational stability of vessels and obtain approval from Class Authority.


Damage stability Booklet for Class approval as per regulations to include the Stability Calculation and models after the damage of Compartments.


As per the vessel operations regime and requirement, we offer the specific Loading condition manuals for the type and applications.


We provide service for the preparation of Ship Specific Manuals and obtain Class approval on behalf of owners according to the type requirements.


Prepare Inclining experiment procedure as per regulations and obtain Class approval. Conduct the Test as per approved procedure.


Vessel specific ship plans (Fire control plan, Load line plan, Accommodation plan etc.) are prepared as per the regulations for Class & Authority approval.


We assist the customers to build the customized Ballast Water Management system according to the regulations and owner specific requirements.


Our well experienced professionals in the relevant area of application assist the owners for solutions on area of their concerns and upgrades required.


Providing Technical Solutions to customer needs for vessel modifications, repairs etc. through detailed Feasibility studies and submit Reports for regulatory approvals

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